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Typical Project / Business Application Consulting Process Steps

When we start an implementation or perform a business analysis, our aim is to work closely with the client as an active partner every step of the way.

• Conducting a needs assessment that is done at the client’s site to obtain an understanding of the client’s business and working operations.
• Develop a working plan with the client
• Set up scheduled meetings
• Set Project Targets, Milestones and Timelines.
• Determine the outcome expected by the business.
• Document the requirements.
• Obtain Client Approval and Go – Ahead.
• Start the Project Implementation.
• Provide Project Monitoring every step of the way.
• Provide a platform for the business to evaluate the Project Milestones.
• Evaluate the Project and Product Implementation.
• Provide Implementation Training and Technical Skills Transfer.
• Set Up Technical Assistance and Support
• Provide Post Project Maintenance

This is to ensure :
The system integrity is never compromised, there are sufficient controls are in place for critical processes.

A formal analysis methodology and correct interpretation of the client requirements.

Project specification documentation :
Ensure that the quality of the system meets the business needs and conforms to the client’s company standards.

Our approach is very simple , this is a holistic journey between the Client and Griffin Consulting.

The client is actively involved throughout the process.

We achieve this by following strict industry standards and employing only the most professional and skilled staff.

Whatever your requirement, no project , application or training project is too small , we approach all projects with the right attitude and experience.


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