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Operations and Maintenance Service Modules

Networking (LAN/WLAN)...

LAN – Local Area Network:
Griffin Consulting initiates the installation and ongoing maintenance of a LAN. All parts of this spectrum of services in this module are covered by our consultants and technicians. Everything from the provision and installation of the associated hardware (cabling, crimping of cables, attaching of cable boots including clips etc.) to the synchronization of interconnected computers on the LAN and the affiliated third party office automated hardware (network enabled multi function machines e.g. department scanners, printers, fax etc.) will be under complete control from our consultants.

WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network:
We at Griffin Consulting endeavor to provide sound advice for the broad range and wide variety of technologies available in this arena of networking. We provide pre-installation assessments and preference in options before implementing any WLAN. These assessments are presented to the decision makers authorized for the network installation at the client. Everything from hardware to software applications and connectivity implications (also security – please refer to our Forensic Services Component) will be presented and advised.  All existing technologies available in relation to operation requirements will be explored as well as very own technologies.

We are able to provide procurement below market retail value for any needed hardware through our reseller agreement with Jadea Technology Enterprises.


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