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Systems Maintenance and Management

Arguably the most critical and most essential function to any business today is the availability to access effective and trustworthy technical support for information and data within any organization. Griffin Consulting in this area of expertise is not only known for the highly skilled consultants that occupy this segment of services rendered but also for the ongoing upgrading of innovative methods of support used.  In the business of technology, we as Griffin Consulting use the latest and most improved yet stable technology that will effectively reduce problems in any organization by up to 95%. Our platforms of support are as follows:

Remote Support:
Griffin Consulting has the ability to assume full control of any situation that arises which may be compromising to the operational performance and stability of any organization. We do this by remote login sessions through either a local or remote (internet) connection to establish the nature of the problem and possibly provide solutions at the same time. Sales clientele stationed outside the office or onsite at customers can enjoy the features this service has to offer. We allocate specialists to facilitate these trouble shooting scenarios irrespective of the nature of the problem (smaller problems included).

Technical Call Support and Desktop Trouble Shooting:
We provide a multitude of options in this area of expertise based on the budget projection of the client. We either have consultants stationed on site at the client or off site. Our winning business model in the technical support arena is the way in which we setup a virtual helpdesk based on a remote server which is highly intelligent in features such as automated generated emails to the end user for every activity carried out by the consultant, keeping the end user up to date with progress of the problem even if the consultant is not physically with the end user. This also works for procurement calls so end users can have sound knowledge of the location of pc peripheral or accessory purchased and it’s status on delivery etc. Our helpdesk system configured for the client specifically will automatically generate timelines and statistics of technical calls in the form of pie chart graphs which are accessible online and anytime. End users may assign calls to specific consultants they are well acquainted with and will enjoy a collection of reports and an archive of problems logged as well as problems resolved via a remote database storing all this data that is indestructible to damage, theft etc. End users may also know which consultant is online and connected to the helpdesk as well as have any calls that were previously closed, reopened with management’s approval. Each called logged carries a timestamp similar to that of a timesheet record which forms the foundation of the archived reports and statistics generated in the backend. More features are available on presentation of our helpdesk by appointment of a sales consultant in relation to an enquiry to purchase services request.


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