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Operations and Maintenance Service Modules

Malicious Software Support (Viruses)

In this area of support, we manually (with the use of no software) detect almost any PC threat/virus (with practically any definition or classification, algorithm or local/remote encryption) and effectively suppress or physically remove them. Our consultants are well versed and experienced with cyber cryptographic algorithmic definition files pertaining to threats on any level and any area of your network, server or local PC. In some instances, we actually create our very own on-the-fly applications/software to detect infections and treat using our own internal classified library.

We actively seek to educate our clientele with most virus definitions and within their technological understanding of our findings so that we empower them to combat and take further steps in not getting infected. In so doing, we seek to empower clients to become ‘Net Wise - Net Threat Protected’ and ultimately regain the internet for proper use in a safe online environment.

We are able to do a remote virus detection analysis(please refer to Remote Technical Support) and assess or even remove the threat immediately - again 'ALL' without using any anti-virus software.

Much cannot be disclosed to the public or enquiring (not purchasing) client regarding this area of our service expertise which we currently withhold to mask our level of intelligence to those responsible for creating viruses be it Spyware, Phish ware, Malware, Trojans, Trojan horses, Back door Trojans, Root Kits, Polymorphic, Metamorphic, Directory, Companion, Macro, Worms, FAT, logic bombs, Kernel and much more classifications/definitions not specified herein.


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